rpCalc Installation


Extract the source files from the rpcalc tar file, then change to the rpCalc directory in a terminal. For a basic installation, simply execute the following command as root: python install.py

If your distribution defaults to Python 2.x, you may need to substitute python3, python3.2 or python3.3 for python in these commands.

To see all install options, use: python install.py -h. To install rpCalc with a different prefix (the default is /usr/local), use: python install.py -p /prefix/path


To install for all users, execute the rpCalc-x.x.x-install-all.exe file. Administrator permissions are required.

To install for a single user (administrator rights are not required), execute the rpCalc-x.x.x-install-user.exe file.

For a portable install, execute the rpCalc-x.x.x-install-user.exe file, uncheck the shortcuts and uninstaller tasks, and check the portable config task.